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 Organized in 1993, Southeast Mortgage is a direct Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Mortgage Lender with 5 offices located in Metro Atlanta, Georgia and Warner Robins.  Southeast Mortgage is dedicated to providing competent service, competitive interest rates and a pleasant mortgage experience for our clients.  Southeast offers a wide range of mortgage solutions for purchasing or refinancing your home loan; To ensure a smooth closing, Southeast Mortgage is represented by local attorneys and appraisers in the city and/or town that the client resides.

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“At Southeast, our philosophy is simple.  We help clients find the best mortgage product for their need, which creates our core referral base of both Realtors and retail clients.  We think we do the best job of any lender in the area of making that process as simple and stress-free as possible,” 


Cal Haupt, President and CEO, Southeast Mortgage





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Our mission statement is simple:


Provide our clients with superior service and a competent product match based on their specific needs.


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